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Mandatory co-financing?

With the Grant Programme for Digital Culture, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports projects that foster the high-quality, development and professionalisation of contemporary Dutch digital culture. Here, the term digital culture refers to cultural and artistic productions or expressions that relate to digital technology, new media or games. Within this term, breaking open existing technologies and processes and openly developing new technology and applications is paramount. Based on this, design methods and principles are applied in a variety of sectors, ranging from games, storytelling and music to biotechnology, architecture and healthcare. This means that the project form does not necessarily have to be digital.

This programme aims to stimulate research, design research, experimentation and reflection in the area of digital culture and to create free space for independent makers and organisations. The programme focuses on outcomes within the Netherlands and is not part of the Internationalisation programme. Nevertheless, the programme can offer short research and/or exchange opportunities abroad if this contributes to the realisation of work in the Netherlands.

Start-up grant
Through the Grant Programme for Digital Culture, it is also possible to apply for a start-up subsidy (max. €7,500) to investigate a project’s possibilities.

Target group

Makers, designers and game developers in the domain of digital culture. The programme is also open to media labs, clients and cultural institutions that work on a project basis and are not structurally financed from the government.

Application conditions
  • You are listed in the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) when you receive the subsidy.
  • There is reasonable co-financing. This can consist of a personal contribution or a contribution from third parties.
  • The project contributes to the promotion of the high quality, development and professionalisation of contemporary Dutch digital culture.
  • The project contributes to the scheme’s objective and is aimed at one or more of the following policy objectives:
  • Stimulating experiment and research
  • Supporting reflection and debate
  • Promoting the development of artistic quality
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