Dutch Cultural Participation Fund
International Co-operation
Total available budget

€1,000,000 per year (2020)

Available budget per application
€7,500 (Development)
€25,000 (Collaboration)
Mandatory co-financing?

Would you like to work with an international partner in the areas of cultural participation and cultural education? Or do you want to investigate the possibilities for this? The Dutch Cultural Participation Fund’s International Cooperation grant supports projects in the areas of cultural education and cultural participation within sectors such as architecture, design, digital culture, film, games and fashion. Prerequisites for support are that people are actively involved in their spare time or through primary and secondary education. An education project is always done with students. A participation project is always done with culture makers (people who practice culture in their spare time).

The scheme has two application options:

  • The Development subsidy allows applicants to visit a possible partner abroad, to examine possibilities and opportunities for partnership.
  • The Collaboration subsidy is intended for an existing international collaborative project.
Target group

Dutch cultural institutions and independent professionals in cultural education or participation with at least five years of relevant experience and who are registered with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) as a non-profit legal entity.

Application conditions
  • The applicant organisation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) as a non-profit legal entity. For independent culture professionals, you must have been registered under this legal form at the Chamber of Commerce for at least five years.
  • The scheme is open until 18 December 2020. The scheme will be resumed from 1 January 2021 within new frameworks.
  • Your project will start no earlier than thirteen weeks and no later than nine months after submitting your application.
  • Your project will last a maximum of two years.
  • A development subsidy can amount to 100% of the total costs. You do not have to put in your own money here.
  • A collaboration subsidy can amount to a maximum of 50% of the total project costs.
  • The budget’s unforeseen costs may not exceed 7% of the total costs.
  • You may use a maximum of 10% of the subsidy for material investments.
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