Shared Cultural Heritage: Travel compensation
Total available budget


Available budget per application
100% of an international return ticket to one of the heritage programme’s partner countries.
Mandatory co-financing?

The Shared Cultural Heritage travel compensation scheme offers Dutch organisations the opportunity to travel to a shared heritage partner country to further investigate the possibilities of a project and further develop the project. By doing so, the project owner can gain knowledge of local conditions and partners so that projects are better embedded in the local context.

The scheme reimburses 100% of the international return ticket to one of the partner countries: Indonesia, United States, Suriname, South Africa, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Russia or Australia.

Target group

Dutch culture professionals who carry out a heritage project based on the shared past.

Application conditions
  • The application is made by a Dutch legal entity.
  • You have a draft plan for your future project.
  • You have a clear vision of what you want to do in the country you will visit.
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