Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Starters International Business (SIB)
– Market entry voucher
Total available budget

€1.6 million for all SIB plans, excluding the SIB Coaching voucher.

Available budget per application
50% of the costs, up to a maximum of €2,500 (ex. VAT)
Mandatory co-financing?

The SIB Market Entry voucher supports entrepreneurs to start doing business abroad. For example, you can hire an expert of your choice to introduce you to local networks, maintain contacts and help you set up a potential branch location in the target country. The online voucher reimburses 50% of the costs of the external expert and amounts to a maximum of €2,500 excluding VAT.

Target group

Dutch SME entrepreneurs, including from the creative industries.

Application conditions
  • You are registered with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).
  • You are an independent entrepreneur without personnel, or your company has fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of no more than €50 million and/or an annual balance sheet less than or equal to €43 million.
  • The external expert you hire must:
  • have at least a higher professional education level of working and thinking;
  • have recent, sector-specific experience or knowledge about the aim of the application;
  • have a demonstrably relevant network in the target country;
  • work for an organisation that offers services in the target country.
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