Netherlands Film Fund
Talent Development in International Context
Total available budget

€140,000 for a feature film.
€50,000 for a documentary.

Available budget per application
€70,000 for a feature film or animated feature film.
€50,000 for a documentary.
Mandatory co-financing?

The Talent Development in International Context programme enables teams, consisting of a screenwriter and director (or screenwriter/director) and producer, to develop urgent, idiosyncratic and cinematographically distinctive film projects (feature films, documentaries or animated feature films) for the international market. Every year, three teams with a clear vision and international ambition are eligible for the development process.

Target group

Production companies (legal person) that have been established in the Netherlands, a Member State of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland for at least two years and that produce and distribute films and other audio-visual productions continually.

Application conditions
  • Application conditions vary according to the programme.
  • See the Netherlands Film Fund’s website for an up-to-date overview of the applicable conditions.
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