The International Support Index aims to provide the most comprehensive and clear overview possible of the resources available to professionals in the creative industries, but this guide is not complete or comprehensive. That is why we would like to refer you to a number of similar platforms, where you as a creator or organization can find additional information and arrangements to realize your international ambitions.

Organisation Title Description
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) International Enterprise

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s (RVO) International Enterprise website provides insight into financial arrangements to support the realisation of international plans. You can also find information about national and international markets, trade missions and international business partners.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) Export Guide

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports entrepreneurs with international ambitions in various ways. The Export Guide helps established and aspiring international entrepreneurs to easily navigate the range of information, financing and other forms of support the RVO offers.

Culture+Entrepreneurship Cultural Financing Guide

Cultuur+Ondernemen’s Cultural Financing Guide provides insights, in Dutch, for financing for artists and creatives in the Netherlands. The website has useful tools to calculate financing and provides insight into financing options for creative projects, products or starting a business. The website offers a range of guides with in-depth information about matters such as crowdfunding, sponsorship and informal financing.

DutchCulture &
De Brakke Grond

De Brakke Grond and DutchCulture want to support Flemish and Dutch creative professionals and help them expand their artistic practice to or within the Netherlands and Flanders respectively. offers various practical tools, tips and in-depth information for Flemish and Dutch makers who want to work in one another’s country, or who are already doing so, and are looking for information on this type of cross-border cultural operation and collaboration.

DutchCulture Cultural Mobility Funding Guide

DutchCulture has developed the Cultural Mobility Funding Guide. This document, created by parties from the broader arts sector, is in English and offers an up-to-date overview of financing in the Netherlands for international activities. The platform provides an overview of funding bodies, schemes and programmes for travel, accommodation, research, collaboration, production and more. The emphasis is on public funding bodies and is supplemented by private organisations focusing on international activities. Open to cultural organisations and individuals from the Netherlands and abroad.